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Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment


90 min/session


YouByUS Professional Services is a Washington state Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment (DVIT) certified agency that offers assessments and treatment and is designed for both court-ordered and self-referred participants. This 6-12 month program meets weekly for 90 minutes via Zoom, providing a supportive environment for individuals to address their beliefs and behaviors that have led to relationship challenges and resulted in Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) or Domestic Violence.

Participants enrolled with YouByUs Professional Services will engage in lessons that cover the below listed Core Competencies as directed by the Washington State Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment program:

  • Types of Abuse

  • Belief Systems

  • Respectful Relationships

  • Impact on Children

  • Accountability

  • Financial and Legal Obligations

  • Empathy

  • Defense Mechanisms

  • Self-Care

  • Support Systems

  • Indicators-Red Flags

  • Cognitive Distortions

  • Personal Motivations

  • Relationship History

  • Environmental and Social Needs 


Our goal is to help you create a healthier and safer future for yourself and your relationships.

*Assessment Required prior to attending     

Group Times:

  • Male Gendered group meets on Saturdays at 930a (FULL-next opening October 2024)

  • Male Gendered group meets on Sundays at 3p

  • Female Gendered group meets on Sundays at 1p


  • Paid Weekly $50/session

  • Paid Monthly $160-$200 (20% discount)

  • 6 months paid in advance $910 (30% discount)

*Requires AutoPay (card securely stored on file)

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