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Behavioral Assessments


90 minutes


Have you been court ordered to receive an assessment?

Are self-referred and interested in understanding your behaviors, patterns, and potential mental health challenges and diagnosis?

Our behavioral assessment services at YouByUs Professional Services provide comprehensive evaluations for mental health, substance use, and criminal or civil domestic violence cases. Gain insight into your own behavior and start your journey towards positive change.


  • Anger Management Behavioral Assessment $450

  • Domestic Violence Behavioral Assessment-Criminal $450

  • Domestic Violence Behavioral Assessment-Civil $825

  • Mental Health Behavioral Assessment $450

  • Substance and Alcohol Use Behavioral Assessment $250

  • Combined MH and SU Behavioral Assessment $560

  • Combined DV and SU Behavioral Assessment Criminal-$560 or Civil-$860

  • Combined DV, MH, and SU Behavioral Assessment $1250

**Verified members of the armed service receive an additional 10% discount off all assessments

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