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Do you realize that when you want to go up, or better yet, get promoted in your professional or personal life you would benefit greatly by having a sponsor. Someone who is not just aware of what and how you do what you do,

but someone that you also have established a strong rapport/relationship with.

This means that you must be intentional, on purpose!! In this Ted Talk Carla Harris will introduce you to the concept of Performance and Relationship Currency.

Here are a few highlights from her talk and what I feel are nuggets that can result into game changers:

A) Performance Currency-generated when you deliver on what was asked of you and a little extra (never just deliver the basics of what is expected, exceed the expectation!!)

1) It will get you noticed 2) paid and promoted (early on) 3) may attract a sponsor

B) Relationship Currency-generated by the investments in the people in your environment

1) When they know you they know you

A key characteristic that a Sponsor needs to have is power (they must have a seat at the decision table)

Why would they say no? 1) They don't know you and your work well enough 2) They don’t have the power that you thought they did (or they don't believe they have the power) 3) They don’t like you

Take a listen to hear more on why having a sponsor is critical to your success:…/carla_harris_how_to_find_the_person_w…

The workplace is often presented as a meritocracy, where you can succeed by putting your head down and working hard. Wall Street veteran Carla Harris learned early in her career that this a myth. The key to actually getting ahead? Get a sponsor: a person who will speak on your behalf in the top-leve...

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