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Just Pivot

We are all experiencing something that mostly none of us have ever known or seen. Not just that it's a global pandemic, but this is literally happening in our neighborhoods, on our blocks and in our families. We have been asked to socially do things we just are not accustomed to doing. I'm a social person. I thrive off of the energy of others. But I can be reclusive on my terms. And that is the key. When I want to be, on my terms. But whatever you think or believe about the novel virus that has invaded our lives, the truth is that we must adapt, adjust and pivot. What do I mean?? Simply put, we are in a position where it would be better to participate in maintaining a safe distance and use a face covering and later discover that we are being overly cautious, than to disregard all caution and just live like we did before and be wrong. Yes, I yearn for the in person fellowship of my friends, family and even my job. But I choose life. I choose to adapt to the current environment. I choose to adjust my daily schedule and engagements. I choose to pivot, to take a different direction or approach than what may seem to be an easier way of living.

Just as other pandemics that have hit this world, this one will not last forever. So let's take this time to discover new ways to thrive and connect. What an opportunity to reset some things in our lives that brought us out of balance and that had led us to unhealthy choices and practices. Let's choose to live and through kindness, help others live to.

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